Useful Tips for Nepal Motorcycle Tour | Info of motorcycle tour Nepal

Useful Tips for Nepal Motorcycle Tour

Most of motorcycle riders all over the world dreams to do Nepal motorcycle tour once in their lifetime. Due to its unique geographical position and variation in altitude. Almost roads in Nepal narrow hilly and mountain road with lots of turn and twist. Newly constructed road like Jomsom, Muktinath, upper mustang & Manang over the rocky land along the side of fast flowing river with lots of downhill and uphill. This road is world popular trail for motorcycle tours in Nepal. Thus the riders gets life time experience in Nepal. My Blog Useful Tips for Motorcycle Tours in Nepal is a essential information and helps the rider who plan to do motorcycle tours in Nepal.

Select best motorcycle Tours Company.

The world over there are lots of motorcycle tours Company who organize guided and self-guided motorcycle tours in different destination. They also rental the motorcycle for tourist. Acutely it is tough to find best motorcycle tours company next to your country or away from your town. Here are some advice which help you to find the best motorcycle tours company for motorcycle tours in Nepal.

1.Motorcycle register in the name of motorcycle tour Organizer Company

The professional motorcycle tours company have their own motorcycle in the register in the name of organizer agency. They never collect the motorcycle from individual after booking motorcycle tours. As per law personal register motorcycle is not allowed to use in business purpose and in unfortunate and unseen circumstance difficult to insurance.

2. Insurance of Motorcycle

Before booking trip make sure the insurance of motorcycle. Insurance of motorcycle helps the rides at unfortunate and unseen circumstance. Conform insurance police cover the loss and damage of Motorcycle. 

3. Third party Insurance

There are two types of third-party liability coverage. First, physical injury liability covers costs resulting from injuries to a person. These injuries’ costs could include expenses like hospital care, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to the accident.  Second, property damage liability covers costs resulting from damages to or loss of property.

4. Back up pickup

Be conform back up support to carry luggage and spares parts, tools and machine. Is it comfort any riders, pillion riders can sit in jeep if they are little injury.

5. Friendly and well trained Road Captains/Tour Guides

Motorcycle tours in Nepal on the way to Muktinath

Experience road captain have extensive knowledge and skill to manage motorcycle tours.  Offer a very friendly, extremely fun atmosphere, so that you have a great time on our motorcycle tours. Every customer is treated equally and with the respect and dignity they deserve, they have an excellent way of creating friendship with riders.

6. Qualified and professional Mechanic

Experience and professional Mechanic are perfect to immediately repair and fixed the problem of your motorcycle on the tours. Who politely ask with riders needs any repair on their motorcycle in every stop and pit stop. As well as at the end of every day ride discuss about problem with every riders and fixed the problem before start next day ride. Early morning they wipe and start your motorcycle before you start ride.

7. Special guide for non-English speaking riders

Language is important while you traveling others country so best motorcycle company manage different language guide for non-English speaking rides. Like Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese language guide.

8. Professional Photographer

It is time of digital marketing, Professional motorcycle tours company arrange professional photographer and videographer in additional cost.

Best Time do motorcycle tours in Nepal

Overall autumn season 1st September 30th November with clear blue skies, pleasantly warm temperatures, and a richness of flora post rainy season is the ideal time for motorcycle tours in Nepal. Spring season 1st march to 15th June slightly warm but a little chill in night, sufficiently of sunshine, long days, clear visibility, and huge rhododendron flowers make this great time for motorcycle tours in Nepal.

You need to be equipped for sudden weather changes while you riding a motorcycle. That’s why riding gear should be chosen carefully before the motorcycle tours in Nepal. Sudden rain storms or snow are frequently a possibility that needs to be careful. The weather during the autumn and spring is more stable.

Climate in Nepal

The climatic conditions of Nepal differ from one place to another according to the geographic situation. In the northern portions of the country, summers are cool and winters froze cold, while in the south, summers are humid and winters are cool. A normal temperature descent around 6°C in a 1,000 m increase in altitude. In the south, summer temperatures exceed 37° C and, in winter range from 7°C to 23°C. In hill and mountainous regions, winter temperatures can drop under freezing. But Kathmandu has a lovely temperature with average summer and winter of 19°C – 34°C and 1°C – 14°C respectively.

Duration for motorcycle tours in Nepal

Duration for motorcycle tours in Nepal Depending on your destination and route, here in Nepal some best destination with different route. For short and easy ride minimum 3 days to 7 days long is better. For moderate motorcycle tours different 8 days to 11 days and adventure and long motorcycle tours in Nepal more than 11 days itinerary are best.

Tour Cost of motorcycle tours in Nepal

Cost of motorcycle tours in Nepal depends no. of riders in group and motorcycle you are selecting for your ride as well as hotel accommodation and food you choose to eat. For guided motorcycle tours you can see. For self-guided motorcycle tours Motorcycle rent USD 25-45. Accommodation USD 20-200 in urban area and USD 10-45 in remote region. Fuel (Petrol) per liter USD 1. Lunch and dinner USD 20-35.

Some suggested itinerary motorcycle tours in Nepal

Considering Kathmandu as a base for Motorcycle tours in Nepal. Nepal is paradise of experience the different type’s motorcycle tours like off-road and offbeat trail, hill and mountain road, short and easy road.  Some suggested itinerary.

A. Motorcycle Tour in Nepal Lo-Manthang | Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal

B. Motorcycle Tours in Nepal-Jomsom- Muktinath via Daman & Chitwan

C. Off-road motorcycle tours to Muktinath | Ride over the cloud.

D. Short Motorcycle Tours in Nepal | Guided Easy Ride

E. Motorcycle Tours in Nepal | Luxury Motorcycle Tour in Nepal

F. Motorcycle Tours Upper Mustang Lo-manthang.

Best obtainable motorcycle in Nepal

When you plan for motorcycle tours, most important part is select Suitable motorcycle you’ll ride. So when you choose that one which is best as safety aspect, comfortable to handle and easy to maintain.

Hence, the best available bikes in Nepal.

Himalayan 411 cc – With a solid engine of 411 cc, it will mark your motorcycle tours smooth and hassle-free on any rough roads and offbeat trail.

Royal Enfield Himalayan for Motorcycle tours in Nepal

Royal Enfield Classic 500cc – Considered to be the Perfect Motorcycle for Motorcycle tours in Nepal, it is a powerful with an engine of 500cc.

Honda CBR 250 and Moto Crossfire – Very less no available in Nepal.

Motorcycle rental in Kathmandu

If you are going self-guided motorcycle tours. You don’t have motorcycle, don’t worries. The motorcycle tours company at Kathmandu are always ready to provide. You a ride on rental motorcycle submit some required documents. In Kathmandu, Baluwater is the hub motorcycle rental where you can lease a motorcycle USD 25-45 per day. You have to submit original passport ID proofs and USD 200 as the safety deposit, and a consent letter from your parents in case you’re still under 25.

Nepal Entry Visa

Nepal Entry visa required for tourists except for Indian nationality. If you are going motorcycle tours in Nepal you required a tourist visa, which can obtain on the arrival. See more Nepal Visa information.


Hotel in town area in Nepal are amply sheltered for your relaxed stay in a peaceful atmosphere. The rooms are equipped with TV, WIFI, attached bathrooms, AC, tea and coffee maker, and all modern facilities you require. Restaurant inside hotel also has a bar serving food and drinks. In remote region Teahouses/ local lodges equipped rooms with electricity, bathroom, Wi-Fi, and TV.


Tourist categories restaurant where you experience relaxing atmosphere, peace of mind and to enjoy the diverse and delicious cuisine. Extensive choice of side and main dishes as well as nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages. But in Remote zone one can have breakfast and dinner where we spend the night and lunch on the way. 

Tours permits

Foreigner riders need permits to travel special tourist region like mustang, Manang and manaslu. One can easily get at Tourism Board Building Kathmandu. Need copy of passport PP size photos. Cost USD 35- 50 as per destination.

Riding skill- Motorcycle tours in Nepal

Nepal is hill and Himalayan country, Himalayan land is not an easy terrain. With lots of turn and twist narrow hilly roads and Steep uphill and downhill with thin air make it harder. Rider may have to good riding skill ride in mud, gravel, sand, stream etc. So truly it needs to be experienced in terms of riding. If you are riding in urban area no need any special riding skill.

Some use full traffic rules for motorcycle tours in Nepal

  1. Nepal is right-hand driving system.
  2. Always carry your driving license & Blue Book with you while riding.
  3. Don’t drink while riding,
  4. Obey all traffic signals, lights and signs.
  5. Use the indicator or hand signals when changing lanes.
  6. Don’t use your cell phone while riding.
  7. Irrespective of right of way, stay alert and be considerate to pedestrians’ especially senior citizens, handicapped, ladies and children.
  8. Do not overload your Motorcycle.
  9. Don’t sudden braking and harsh acceleration.

Avoid smoking and drinking during the high altitude riding.

Avoiding smoking and drinking is not any rule and regulation but It is strongly advice to the riders who is riding high altitude 3000 meters above the see level avoid smoking Cigarettes And drinking alcohol during trip.

Carry enough cash

It is advisable to carry more cash with you rather than depending on ATMs while going motorcycle tours in Nepal at   Isolated area of Nepal there are less chance to withdraw from ATM and have to pay in cash in hotel restaurant and shop. Many palace in remote rural area there are no online payment and care payment system.

Money exchanges

You can find a money-exchange center in a tourist hub like Kathmandu and Pokhara. But a few available in the popular trails of the remote region. It is suggested you exchange your currency in Kathmandu or Pokhara in the Government register money exchange center. In these exchange, counters accept not only Pounds, Dollars, and the Euro all exchangeable currencies of the world.

Credit cards

Overall major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted in Nepal. Most of the ATM booths in the city’s small symbols are notifying you of the cards they accept. Credit cards can be used in most of the tourists of the hotels, major restaurants, travel, and tour agencies, stores, and banks. When paying by credit cards, you must be aware that chip and pin facilities are not completely active in Nepal. In here still uses carbon copy technologies.


Automated Teller Machines, ATM is available only urban area of Nepal. At remote zoon less chance to find functional and up to date the ATM. Common ATMs that accept worldwide credit cards are Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), Nabil Bank, Himalayan Bank, Everest Bank.

Carry running parts

It advise to self-guided rider carry some running parts with you an extra puncture kit, accelerator cables, clutch cables, tubes, fuses, sparkplug and air pump. Some place in remote zoon.

Carry first aid Kit

Motorcycle tours in Nepal, If you are going remote zoon or offbeat trail It also Avoid smoking and drinking advise to self-guided riders to carry some urgent medicine with first aid kit while meet minor injury by accident and minor health problem management by yourself.

Safety and security for motorcycle tours in Nepal

Tourist Police is a superior unit of Nepal Police, which was established on Jan 26, 1979, under the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Department of Tourism. Tourist Police today has the strength of 227 Officers working under the Command of Police Inspector and has 26 units spread throughout the main tourist dentation in the country. The main purpose and responsibility of Tourist Police are to look after the safety of tourists and to assure them a pleasant and memorable stay in Nepal. Including advising and assisting tourists in safety and security in tourism issues.

No matter when and where you are Dial 1144 (Toll-Free, Hotline) For any assistance in Nepal Tourist Police Nepal Bhrikutimandap Kathmandu. (Inside the premises of Nepal Tourism Board) +977-14247041, 9851289444, 1144 (Toll-Free, Hotline) Website:

Suggested riding gears clothing equipment & accessories list for motorcycle tours:

Text by Arjun Siwakoti Arzoon Everest Phf

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