Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour Guideline | Motorbike tour guideline

Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour Guideline

If Upper Mustang is your next tour destination, you are most certainly in for an exhilarating adventure, and the Upper Mustang motorbike tour is the best way to go about it. It is sure to add thrill to your experience. The geographically challenging and unique terrain of Upper Mustang, which sits close to the breathtaking Annapurna circuit, has much more to offer to make your tour an unforgettable experience.

Upper Mustang, an arid valley wrapped around the fascinating Himalayas, embodies the culture-rich history and tranquil nature hidden from the world for a long time. This unique land is located in the upper part of Mustang. It is one of the isolated regions in Nepal where people’s livelihood mostly revolves around tourism, trade, and animal husbandry. However, in recent years, Upper Mustang’s development has influenced the local’s lives rapidly, making tourism a sustainable and reliable source of their income.

As the terrain has become more accessible to people around the world after the gradual construction of trekking routes and roads for vehicles, the popularity of the Upper Mustang has only risen. And the Upper Mustang motorbike tour is what makes the exploration of the terrain even more worthy. For Nepal motorcycle tour enthusiasts, this motorcycle tour will surely turn out to be a memory of a lifetime. As much fun as the Upper Mustang motorbike tour is, it is also somewhat challenging. But, with the companionship of the right motorcycle tour service provider, you can freely enjoy the adventure without worrying about anything.

Find Authorized Upper Mustang Motorcycle Tour Agency

With the rapid increase of tourism in Nepal, the Tourism sector has seen a major boom. And with that has increased various service providers, providing a comfortable and secure adventure to those who wish to explore various regions of Nepal. Among the several methods of traveling within Nepal, one of the most preferred methods is motorcycle tour, which fits perfectly with Nepal’s adventurous and challenging landscape.

Ever since the rise of Nepal motorcycle tours, there have been several motorcycle tour agencies in the tourism industry ready to provide the service to local and foreign tourists. However, the challenge is in picking the right service providers who are reliable enough to take responsibility for the safety of your tour throughout the duration of the adventure. Therefore, below are some of the pointers or guidelines to help analyze what you should be looking for while picking a reliable motorcycle tour agency.

Pick Experienced Upper Mustang Motorcycle Tours Organizer

The below-mentioned pointers illustrate the requirements one should be aware of before picking the best motorcycle tour organizer in Nepal.

Motorcycle Registration Under the Name of the Agency

A motorcycle tour organizer’s first and foremost requirement is to have its motorcycles registered under its name. The motorcycle registration under the agency’s name ensures the rider’s safety during the adventure. Therefore, it is highly suggested that when you are touring a challenging landscape such as Upper Mustang, avoid using a motorbike registered under an individual. God forbid, if you fall prey to an unfortunate circumstance during the tour, there could be difficulty getting insurance services with individual registered motorbikes. Moreover, according to the policy, the Nepal motorcycle tour organizing agencies are not allowed to use personally registered motorbikes as it compromises the safety of the riders.

Insurance of Motorcycle for Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

Another most important thing to take note of is the insurance of the motorcycle. Ensure to check the insurance card or paper of the bike you will use for your adventure. The insurance of the vehicle helps you get quick support if you happen to encounter difficult circumstances during the tour.

Third-Party Insurance

Third-party insurance, a type of liability insurance, includes two forms of liability coverages. On the one hand, it covers the physical injury covering expenses of hospital services. On the other hand, it substitutes for property damage liability in case of loss or damage of the personal property of the traveler.

Quick Rescue In An Emergency

The quick rescue services during the time of emergencies while traveling significantly depend on the personal connections of the respective agencies. A well-experienced agency has such a reliable network with the emergency service providers such as hospitals, insurance agencies, etc., that it can instantly call for help whenever needed.

Backup Pick Up

A reliable motorcycle tour agency must provide a backup pick up service to ensure travelers’ comfortable and safe tours. This service assists by carrying the luggage of the riders and provides them with repair tools when in need. Additionally, the riders can also use the pick up for a short rest if they feel exhausted or suffer injury.

Friendly & Well-Trained Road Captains/Tour Guides

We can all agree on the fact that with fun companionship, the traveling experience can become much more interesting and energizing. Keeping that in mind, a good tour organizer will definitely not miss out on providing the travelers with the assistance of friendly and well-behaved tour guides or road captains. A well-trained tour guide treats all the travelers impartially and respectfully and helps them in every possible way, creating an enjoyable atmosphere throughout the adventure.

Government License Holder Guide

The guides who provide services through tours & travel agencies must acquire a government license. Only with a valid license do the tour guides qualify as professionals. In order to obtain the license, the guide has to go through skill development training and pass several other criteria, including customer-relationship skills, communication fluency, adequate knowledge of the landscape, etc.

Qualified and Professional Mechanic

The Nepal motorcycle tour organizer you are eying for must have qualified and experienced mechanics who are able to handle the issues with the motorcycles in any situation. Although the agency ensures the motorcycles are in perfect condition before taking off for the adventure, given the challenging terrain, the motorcycles can face any unpredicted issues during the ride. In order to eliminate obstacles during the adventure as a result of motorbike issues, the mechanics who assist the travelers must be proficient in their work. They should check in with the riders regarding the motorbikes at every stop, and in case of any mechanical difficulty, and will quickly and effectively carry out the repairing as needed.

Special Guide for Non-English Speaking Riders

Nepal is one of the top traveling destinations; tourists worldwide visit the country to witness the serene nature that fills the entire country. So, given the versatility of nationality of the foreign tourists in Nepal, the motorcycle tour agency should provide the service of special guides for non-English speaking travelers. Communication plays a key role in navigating through the routes and exploring the landscape, which is why the tour guide provided to the rider should be well-acquainted with the native language of the rider and should act accordingly.

Professional Photographer

When you are visiting places like Upper Mustang, simply capturing the breathtaking sights of the Himalayas with your eyes won’t be enough; you would definitely need a camera. And, what else would you need for that? A professional photographer. Keeping the travelers’ needs in check, the motorcycle tour agencies also provide services for professional photography as well. An additional professional photographer could cost you an extra charge, but it’s quite worth it when you go back home and reflect on your adventure through the photos. 

Best Time for the Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

Previously known as the Kingdom of Lo, Upper Mustang makes for the border between Nepal and Tibet. The scenic beauty of the air terrain is located at an altitude of 3840 meters above sea level, which makes the tour to Upper Mustang a bit challenging. When it comes to touring this scenic landscape, it’s essential to know when the best time is for backpacking and gear up the motorcycle.

Autumn is considered the most favorable time for the Upper Mustang motorbike tour. The clear autumn sky and averagely moderate weather conditions make the landscape a perfect place to explore during autumn. The clear mountain views, chilling breeze of air, warm weather, and luscious vegetation make the exploration of the landscape comparatively easier and fruitful in this season. Beside Autumn and summer, visiting Upper Mustang might come with its own set of challenges in winter and monsoon.

Monsoon makes the Upper Mustang motorbike tour comparatively riskier as the landscape becomes more slippery and difficult to ride. While during the winter, the snow-filled terrain presents equally difficult roads to travel. In addition, during the winter, most of the locals of Mustang leave the place to protect themselves from extreme cold weather. However, those willing to embrace the challenges and visit the astounding Upper Mustang during the off-season do visit the place, which is worth taking the risk after all. And the travel agencies are always open for the service, whether on-season or off-season.

Places to Explore in the Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

Upper Mustang, by far one of the best places to visit in Nepal, has come to the attention of trekkers not long ago. The hype this place has been getting for the past few years speaks volumes of the serenity and tranquility it offers to visitors. It is Nepal’s semi-desert that lies on the lap of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range. It hasn’t been long since Upper Mustang became open to travelers from all around the world, and the places that you will explore in this region are sure to captivate you.

Upper Mustang has something to offer to all kinds of travelers, be it trekkers or hikers, motorcycle tours, or jeep safari. The trip, which begins from Kathmandu, taking you to the Himalayas of Upper Mustang, will allow you to explore one of the exquisite and culture-rich places in Nepal. For the off-road motorbike adventure lovers, Kali Gandaki river crossings and riding along its banks will certainly add thrill to their tour. In Upper Mustang, you will see several red cliffs and Tibetan plateaus while on your way to Lo-Manthang. The red cliffs here resemble the Grand Canyon in some ways, and the quick shift in the topography makes the motorcycle tour more interesting.

As the Mustang region is densely populated with Buddhists, the place has many Buddhist monasteries, reflecting the religion and culture of the local residents. Likewise, there are several well-preserved monuments that illustrate the local’s cultural aspect. Moreover, some of the other highly preferred places to explore while on the Upper Mustang motorbike tour are Kagbeni, Muktinath temple, Tatopani, Thorong La, and Tukuche Peak, and so on. Additionally, simply riding or strolling around the village alleys can give a sense of calm and adventure.

Climate Conditions in Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang, which sits at an altitude of 12598 feet above sea level, has varied weather conditions throughout the year. To be precise, it has a trans-Himalayan climate where the temperature ranges from as low as -20°C to as high as 33°C. Overall, the weather condition in Upper Mustang is generally semi-arid and cool, with around 250-400 mm range of precipitation during monsoon. During the day, the sunlight keeps the terrain warm, while the nights are extremely cold.

During December, January, and February, the temperature may vary widely from 5°C during the day to -20°C during the night. Similarly, during March, April, May, and June, generally, the temperature lies within the range of 22°C to -2°C. Likewise, the summer months are usually warm, with temperatures ranging from 33°C to 0°C. And October and November bring autumn with a temperature range of 20°C to -4°C approximately. Not only is the uniquely beautiful terrain of Upper Mustang adventurous but so are the varying weather conditions that give life to this place.

Duration for Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

Starting from Kathmandu, the distance required to travel upto Upper Mustang is around 423 km. While embarking on your adventure to Upper Mustang from Kathmandu, you will come across a wide range of geographically varying landscapes. Generally, the Upper Mustang motorbike tour stretches for around 15 days. However, the duration of the tour may vary depending upon your tour plan. If you make more stops on the way, the trip could stretch by a few days; else, if you decide to hit the road and rest a little, you may complete the tour sooner than expected. So, it essentially depends on the itinerary you follow.

Suggested Itinerary for Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

In this section, we give you a brief overview of a general itinerary for the Upper Mustang motorbike tour. The first day of the tour begins with the traveler’s arrival at the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, which lies at an altitude of 1400 meters from sea level. Day 2 follows with the motorcycle ride to Daman, approximately 55km from Kathmandu. Then, the next day we head to Chitwan, an almost 4 hours ride from Daman, and the next day from Chitwan to Pokhara, another 4 hours ride.

Next up, the ride from the beautiful landscape of Pokhara leads us to Kalopani, which is a 6 hours ride. Then from Kalopani, we make the entrance to Muktinath. After Muktinath, we head towards Lo-Manthang and ride around the terrain of Lo-Manthang. Then, the next stop is Kagbeni which descends to the altitude of 2840 m. After exploring the picturesque landscape of Kagbeni, the motorcycle tour continues, heading towards Tatopani. Then, from Tatopani to Pokhara and back to Kathmandu, on the 12th day. After the return to the capital, the 13th day marks the final departure. So, this itinerary involves 13 days of the Upper Mustang motorbike tour.

Tour Cost for Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

The cost of the Upper Mustang motorbike tour can vary depending upon the number of people in a tour group, as well as, on the food and accommodation you choose as per your preference. In general, the Upper Mustang motorbike tour could cost a minimum amount of around USD 4000 per person. The tour costs include the accommodation, tour guide, welcome and farewell dinner, lunch and dinner for the entire trip, motorcycle rental, motorcycle insurance, medical kit, motorbike mechanic, backup pick up, etc. Any personal expenses of the traveler outside the scope of the motorcycle tour agency’s policy are excluded, including international airfares, Nepal visa fees, personal medication, bar bills, telephone calls, natural calamities, and so on.

Best Obtainable Motorcycle In Nepal

For an off-road adventure such as Upper Mustang, you cannot take any chance in picking a suitable motorcycle. In saying so, comfort should be highly prioritized while making your pick. Off-road adventure is no joke, and being on the road every single day for over 10 days is surely taxing, which is why picking a comfortable ride can help make the ride easier. Nonetheless, safety is also to be considered when looking for a suitable one. So, prioritizing both safety and comfort, some of the best bikes for the Upper Mustang motorbike tour are Himalayan 411 cc, Royal Enfield Classics 500 cc, Honda CBR 250, and Moto Crossfire. However, among these, the most preferred and easily available bike is the Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc, which provides comfort and endurance in the rough terrain of the Upper Mustang.

Nepal Entry Visa & Tour Permits

Apart from the tourists of Indian nationality, other tourists must have a Nepal entry visa to enter Nepal legally. The tourists can obtain their tourist visa after landing at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, and can also acquire the visa from various Nepal-India border entry points. Likewise, outside Nepal, the visa can also be acquired from the Nepal Embassy in your respective country. Also, the visa renewal can be done from the Department of Immigration located in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu.

Besides a tourist visa, the foreign riders are required to have permits for traveling to Upper Mustang. In addition, tourists must be in a group of at least two people to get the permit to visit Upper Mustang and must finish the ride or trek within the given number of days as mentioned in the permit.


The motorcycle tour agency manages the accommodation for the riders, and the riders get to pick the hotels of their choice as per their preference. The options for hotels can vary from average to luxurious, and the price also differs accordingly. Generally, the rooms are equipped with Wifi, television, attached bathrooms, bars, and other modern facilities, depending upon the price range of the accommodation. All the tourist hotels/restaurants ensure a friendly and peaceful environment for the traveler’s relaxation. The cost for the hotels is pre-decided and the arrangements are already set by the agency before starting the tour.   


Likewise, food is also available in the hotels you stay in. The hotels provide you with a wide range of cuisine with admirable quality. Again, the cost of the food also varies depending upon the type of accommodation booked. Besides, all hotels generally contain alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. But, as we ascend to a higher altitude and enter the remote areas, the facilities for accommodation may reduce, and the options for food become limited. In such areas, you can have dinner and breakfast at the place you stay, while lunch is usually had on the way, wherever convenient.

Riding Skill Requirements for Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

As the Upper Mustang motorbike tour is not a piece of cake for everyone because of its highly challenging landscape, one must garner good riding skills. Along the way, you will encounter various terrains with the roads ranging from smooth-pitch to highly rocky. As you make your entrance to remote hilly regions, the roads are more uneven, with plenty of twists and turns. But it is this off-road experience that attracts motorbike riders to Upper Mustang in the first place. Although the terrain of Upper Mustang will offer lots of challenges, you can enjoy the thrilling experience with the back up crew tagging with you throughout the ride.

In addition, following all the traffic rules while riding is mandatory. Some of the general traffic rules are the right-hand driving system must carry blue book & driving license, no drinking while riding, following the traffic signals, using the indicators accordingly, avoiding overloading on the motorbike, appropriate braking and acceleration, and so on.

Avoid Smoking & Drinking During the High-Altitude Ride

This is one of the crucial aspects while embarking on the Upper Mustang motorbike tour. It is mandatory to not ride while under the influence of any intoxicating substance. But besides, this mandatory traffic rule, it is highly suggested that the rider avoid alcohol consumption and smoking during the ride, especially at a higher altitude. This is mainly for the health purpose of the rider because intoxication during the trip may hamper one’s health, making the ride difficult and tiring.

Money Exchange, ATM Service & Credit Cards

The money exchange services are sufficiently available in Kathmandu and Pokhara. But, it may be difficult to find in remote areas. So, it is recommended that you exchange the currency while at Kathmandu and Pokhara in the legit money exchange centers.

Likewise, credit cards are acceptable in all hotels, restaurants, stores, agencies, banks, etc. in all major hubs in Nepal. Moreover, ATM service is also widely available in Nepal, and you can withdraw sufficient cash from various ATM booths. 

Carry Enough Cash During Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

Although ATM service and credit card usage are not an issue in the city areas, these services become scarce as we come across remote locations. More so, in the higher altitude region, you may hardly find any functional ATM booths. So, you must carry enough cash while making your trip to Upper Mustang.

Safety & Security for Upper Mustang Motorcycle Tour in Nepal

The Nepal government has specified tourist police teams in various parts of Nepal since 1979. In case of any security threat or other circumstances requiring help, tourists can reach out to the police by simply dialing the toll-free number 1144 from anywhere in Nepal. The tourist police team is available to ensure the safety of tourists while in the country.

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