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Kingfisher Adventure recognizes as one of the best Motorcycle rental in Kathmandu-Nepal due to our custom-made service and advanced commitment levels. We have a huge stock of exclusive royal Enfield Himalayan and classic 500cc motorcycle where riders can choose to ride on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We offer affordable & reasonable prices and well maintain a motorcycle that provides a wonderful experience for riders. Our exceptional deals and perfect offers have helped us gain absolute trust riders. We have well maintained 20 Himalayan and 7 classic 500cc motorcycles to suit several requirements and specifications of riders. Our client-oriented attitude empowers us to satisfy adventure riders. You can now choose a motorcycle within your plans and preferences. We believe in seeing our clients cheerful and satisfied with our motorcycle rental service.

Nepal is a great place for any kind of journey. Whether you go for trekking, expedition, luxury tour, and motorcycle tours, the natural beauty of Nepal is sure to mesmerize you. Now, the tourists have been coming to Nepal for a very long time. Initially, they would come here mainly for a walk in the hills, or a climb in the mountains. The trend of going on motorcycle tours is something that has recently begun. When going on a motorcycle tour, you need to make sure to be accompanied by an experienced motorcycle tour operator in Nepal, for a great experience. Kingfisher Adventure is a leading motorcycle Tours Company located in Kathmandu, Nepal. It offers a diversified and exceptional variety of motorcycle tours and Motorcycle rental in Kathmandu-Nepal

Our Motorcycles

To ensure that the riders have the best riding experience, we tend to offer the best motorcycles. When it comes to comfort, speed, balance, and control, there is no other motorcycle that beats Royal Enfield. To ride in the hills of Nepal, this is the ideal bike, especially considering the kind of roads that we have out here. You need a bike that is stable and durable to take you across all those obstacles. When you have the best bike with you, your journey gets quite pleasant. Motorcycle rental in Kathmandu-Nepal with us, our Royal Enfield bikes, you will surely love your motorcycle tour experience here.


Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 cc

The company owns altogether 20 Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc motorcycle as this one is one of the most popular choices for riders willing to ride in the hills of Nepal. You could expect quite a bit of power while riding this 411cc motorcycle. One of the most important features of the bike is its stability which it is able to offer to the riders thanks to the half-duplex split cradle frame and long-travel suspension. Whether you’re riding on smooth pitched roads, graveled roads on terrain with no road, Royal Enfield Himalayan offers you the best motorcycle riding experience.


Royal Enfield Classic 500cc

Yet another amazing motorcycle that the company owns is Royal Enfield Classic. While it may not be as popular as Royal Enfield Himalayan for the ride in the hills, it is still more preferred than other motorcycles out there. We own 7 of these altogether. Royal Enfield Classic is a legendary bike. The model is inspired by the Royal Enfield bikes that the paratroopers who worked for the British Army used during World War II. This is enough credential to tell you how durable these bikes are. These are also fast and stable offering you a great ride in the hills.

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