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Tibet Visa

Tibet Visa From Nepal

Tibet Visa, As Nepal and Tibet share a long border line, many tourists choose to enter Tibet from Nepal across the land border or by flight to Lhasa Gonggar international Airport. According to the Chinese immigration regulation, all travelers who enter Tibet from Nepal are required to apply for Group Tourist Visa, a kind of single entry visa, through the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal.
The group visa is obtained by your tour operator since individual applications to the embassy are not permitted. It requires the tour operator of your booked tour to apply for the permits you need to travel into and around Tibet. The group visa is valid for 15 or 20 days, and there is no minimum group size requirement for traveling into Tibet, even just one traveler. All the names of your group members will be listed on the group visa, a sheet of paper, along with your nationalities, birth dates and passport numbers. Foreign visitors to Tibet are not permitted to travel independently in the region, and are required to have a local guide and organized vehicle for all their travels outside Lhasa. So when you plan to Tibet tour, we will do all the arrangements for your tour. See more for Tibet tours


  1. Ordinary: 4 working days; Urgent: 3 working days. 
  2. The working day is from Monday to Friday.

How to Get Tibet Visa in Nepal?
When depart from Nepal to Tibet, you will also need to apply for your Tibet visa and permit through a local authorized travel agency, for neither Tibet Tourism Bureau nor Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu accept individual applications for Tibet travel permit and Tibet visa. Check the following guidelines to know the details about how to get Tibet travel permit and Tibet visa in Nepal.

Step one:
Before leaving for Tibet, you should confirm your Nepal to Tibet travel itinerary and tour services with Kingfisher Adventure & Treks Pvt. Ltd. We will apply the Tibet visa on your behalf. You are required to mail the scanned copy of your passport to our tour office. Then, we will process the Tibet Travel Permit and visa invitation letter issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. It will take 7-10 working days to go through the whole process.

Step two:
Arrive in Kathmandu at least 4 days in advance. We collect your passport and completed visa application from and submit for visa process. It will take 3 full working days for the visa process at the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. We will inform you as soon as it is issued.

Please Note:

  1. Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu only works on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  2. The visa application must be submitted before 11am at the Embassy, so that visa will be issued in the afternoon of the third day.
  3. There is no minimum group size requirement for traveling into Tibet, even just one traveler.
  4. For visa from Nepal, you should be in Kathmandu at least four days before your tour into Tibet to process the application.
  5. Please be aware that the Group Visa is a special type of visa to Tibet. If your passport already has a current valid visa for China, this will be cancelled and replaced with the Group Tourist Visa. For further travel into mainland China, you will need to apply for a new Chinese Entry Visa after your tour in Tibet.
  6. Diplomatic passport holders must get clearance from Beijing for travel into Tibet, which often takes long time. It is advisable to travel on non-diplomatic passports, if you have one.