Kit List for Motorcycle Tours | Suggest Gears for Motorcycle Tours

Kite List for Motorcycle Tour

Keep your gear lightweight whenever possible.
Suggested Riding Gears, Clothing, Equipment & Accessories list for Motorcycle Tours
Keep your gear lightweight whenever possible

Suggested clothing list:

  1. Riding Jacket – Waterproofing, Venting, hard-wearing, etc.
  2. Riding Pants – Waterproofing, Must be comfortable and have good knee protection.
  3. Proper rain suite.
  4. Motorcycle Boots – Ankle protection, waterproof and must be comfortable to live with day in and day out. If you insist on wearing MX boots use waterproof socks.
  5. Motorcycle Riding Gloves – Summer pair and a winter pair.
  6. Base Layers – Synthetic or natural wool base layers for severe cold weather riding
  7. Knee Braces.
  8. Riding Socks – Long enough to prevent chaffing and hopefully moisture wicking via synthetic materials or wool.
  9. Mesh Stuff Sacks – Separate personal items, clothes, and items into categories using lightweight stuff sacks that require hardly any extra space when empty.
  10. Neck warmer –Refer Buff.
  11. Trainers or comfortable shoes – for wearing in the tea house or lodge in the evening.
  12. Warm headgear.   


Suggested Equipment and accessories list:

  1. Helmet – Peak versions are best.
  2. Sunglasses – UV protecting and comfortably fitting within your helmet.
  3. Water bottle – Provide by Kingfisher adventure ( 1 liter at least, metal  bottle used as hot water bottle).
  4. Binoculars – although not essential, a lightweight pair will add to your experience.
  5. Wash kit – biodegradable soap / shampoo, flannel, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, sunscreen.
  6. Antibacterial gel and/or wet wipes.
  7. Hand warmers – useful for very cold days.
  8. Toilet paper / travel tissues.
  9. Electrical adaptor suitable for Nepal – Standard voltage in Nepal is 220-240 volts. In the Kathmandu hotel there are normally a two-pin razor socket in the bathroom and in rooms generally sockets are round-three pin but can also be European or British variety sockets. Best advice is to use a universal travel adaptor. Tea houses on remote usually have recharging facilities (they will make a charge) but if it’s busy there may be a queue for recharging.

Why Motorcycle Tours With Kingfisher Adventure?

  • Enrich your Riding Experience.
  • We have our own Motorcycle.
  • Well trained Road Captains/Tour Guides.
  • Qualified and professional Mechanic.
  • Insurance of Motorcycle.
  • Third party Insurance.
  • Health and safety.
  • Enjoy highest standards of hospitality.
  • Guide for non-English speaking riders.
  • Get more for your money.
  • Verities of Itineraries.
  • Back up 4 X 4 pickup/ jeep.

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