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CEO, Nepal Motorbike Tours Organizer & Tibet-Bhutan India.

Kingfisher Adventure is the leading company for Nepal Motorbike Tours. Mr. Arjun Siwakoti (Arzoon) is the founder and CEO of Kingfisher Adventure & Treks Pvt., the company that organizes Nepal Motorbikes Tours as well as India, Tibet, and Bhutan Motorcycle Tours. He is a very reliable and responsible person who loves to share his knowledge and interesting experiences with others. He is a professional motorcycle tour organizer and an entrepreneur who has been working in the tourism and hospitality industry for more than 20 years. Mr. Siwakoti’s extensive knowledge and boundless passion for the tourism and hospitality industries have aided him in establishing such a successful and leading motorcycle tour agency. He still explores different destinations and especially enjoys introducing new itineraries to the travelers who travel with his team. He has extensive field experience, having organized and led groups of different nationalities on Nepal Motorbike Tours as well as various Motorbike expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

Correspondent Office.

Bindu Pandey has been an important person of our team in Kingfisher Adventure. She was born in Rupandhehi district of Nepal in 1987, after completing her bachelor’s degree in the field of travel and tourism from Tribhuvan University. She start her career in tourism. She makes a sincere and friendly atmosphere and provides an excellent service to client. Her main aim is attracting and retaining new clients. She quickly responses to valuable clients in email with their queries, and some time also handles some finance related matters. During her free time, she loves reading novels, newspapers and magazines, listening to music etc.

Mr. Sanjay-Senior Mechanic and Road Captain

Mr. Sanjay was born in Godar village near the Janakpur Dam, Dhanusha District. He began his tourism carrier in 2015 as an Assistant mechanic. After 2 years became a mechanic.  In 2017 he joins Kingfisher Adventure as a senior mechanic. After five years of continuously serving, he is now the foreman of our workshop team and senior mechanic and road Captain for Nepal Motorbike Tours as well as Tibet, India, and Bhutan Motorcycle Tours. he takes the art of motorcycle maintenance very seriously. Our official garage is a place where he can experiment and improve the bikes to keep our fleets going while riding in the high Himalayas and other difficult areas. He also accompanies tours to ensure the continuity of our horseback riding adventures.

Mr. Sunil-Senior Mechanic and Road Captain

Mr. Sunil was born in a small village near the Janakpur Dam, Dhanusha District. He began his tourism carrier in 2017 as a mechanic in Kingfisher Adventure. Mr. Sunil is the dynamic mechanic in our garage. He has been involved with Royal Enfield since childhood. He is an expert for Royal Enfield motorcycles and is an experienced and passionate mechanic and road caption for Nepal Motorcycle tours as well as Tibet, Bhutan, And India Motorbike expeditions.  he supports many of our motorbikes trips across the  Himalayas areas of  Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan. Above all, he is not only a team member, but also a good friend and an unforgettable travel buddy. He has gained the necessary knowledge for responsible tourism and established himself as a young Nepal Motorbike Tours leader in Nepal. You can expect friendly, taking care and familiar behavior with him.

Mr. Shushil-Senior Mechanic and Road Captain

Mr. Shushil was born in a small village near the Lumbini but he grew up in Kathmandu with his parents. He is an experience and perfect road captain and mechanic for Nepal Motorbike Tours.  With over a decade of experience, he has a deep knowledge of the terrain, culture, and Nepal Motorcycle Tours. He is passionate about helping visitors explore and experience the beauty of the Himalayas and is known for his attention to detail, friendly demeanor, and excellent organizational skills. Mr. Shushil will make sure that your journey is safe, comfortable, and unforgettable. With his expert guidance, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes, unique cultures, and rich history of the Himalayas.

Mr. Bishal-Mechanic

Mr. Bishal was born in a remote Village in Nuwakot District. He began his mechanic carrier in 2016 as an assistant mechanic in Kingfisher Adventure. Mr.Bishal  Sunil is the dynamic mechanic for Nepal Motorbike Tours. He has been involved with Royal Enfield since childhood. He is an expert for Royal Enfield motorcycles and is an experienced and passionate mechanic, who can figure out most problems with the bike just by listening to the sound.  he supports many of our motorbike trips across the Himalayas areas of Nepal. he is the youngest member of our team. He has an interest to take photos with guests.  

Why Motorcycle Tours With Kingfisher Adventure?

  • Enrich your Riding Experience.
  • We have our own Motorcycle.
  • Well trained Road Captains/Tour Guides.
  • Qualified and professional Mechanic.
  • Insurance of Motorcycle.
  • Third party Insurance.
  • Health and safety.
  • Enjoy highest standards of hospitality.
  • Guide for non-English speaking riders.
  • Get more for your money.
  • Verities of Itineraries.
  • Back up 4 X 4 pickup/ jeep.

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