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Motorcycle Rental In Nepal-Kathmandu

Motorcycle rental in Nepal is, without a doubt, the most adventurous way to experience hilly and mountain road of Nepal. While on a motorcycle, you feel so free on the wild ways of Nepal with mountains, hills, farms, and forests. Traveling on a motorcycle is not only cheap compering with renting a car and jeep, but it is also easy and safe to travel and explore around the cities and going far away to the Himalayan region of Nepal.

If you are new to ride around Kathmandu and other cities the traffic might be a bit difficult for you. Required certain off-road riding skills to ride on the Himalayan region like Upper-Mustang, Jomsom-Muktinath, and Manang. Thus prepare physically before motorcycle rental in Kathmandu. The rider may have to good riding ability ride in mud, gravel, sand, crossing Small River, etc. Hence actually is required to be experienced in terms of motorcycle riding. Let me share with you some very important tips Motorcycle rental in Kathmandu and things to consider before finalizing the deal with the Motorcycle rental in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Where to Motorcycle rental in Nepal, Kathmandu?

First and foremost thing, there are several motorcycle tours companies, Motorcycle rental centers, and mechanics who offer motorcycle rental in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is Suggested Rental the motorcycle registered in Name of Motorcycle Tours Company. If rental the motorcycle registered in the name of the person, somewhere most probable in urban area traffic police penal you. And getting some legal problems if you hit the third person.  

Make sure that you test the motorcycle carefully, understand the terms and conditions, and at all times try to make sure that you rental motorcycle from them after seeing the motorcycle rather over the phone. There has been a mixed response of riders after reservation motorcycle over the phone with few unpleasant instances had been reported as well.

Best obtainable motorcycle in Kathmandu

Motorcycle tours company in Kathmandu offer a variety of motorcycle on rental. We advise you should rent a motorcycle that suits your riding style and comfort. Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 cc, Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc and 350 cc, Honda CRF 250 and KTM duke are available touring motorcycle in Kathmandu. Royal Enfield Himalayan is the most suitable touring motorcycle among the other motorcycle.

The procedure of Motorcycle Rental in Nepal-Kathmandu?

Before renting a motorcycle, you need to do an official procedure where you have to fill up your all detail including traveling dates, renting dates, Passport no, contact details which will take you 5-10min. 

Then you paid the rental charge and keep the securities deposit amount and some motorcycle tour companies may keep your original passport as a security.

Make sure you are confirming the rates with the correct person and handing over the safety deposit to the right person in motorcycle tours company or rental shop. The most important thing does not to forget to ask the written paper of your security deposit.

Rate of Motorcycle Rental in Nepal-Katmandu

The rate of motorcycle rental in Kathmandu different starts from USD 25.000 to USD 75.00 as per motorcycle of your choice and as per seasons like pick season and slow season. Kingfisher Adventure provides you Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc in USD 30.00 per day and Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 cc in USD 40.00 per day. If you rental more than 5 days you will get a good discount.  

Motorcycle Parking 

While you are on traveling on a motorcycle inside an urban area, be sure to safe parking space. You can enquire about any locals if you can park here or not. Verify the handle lock of the motorcycle before you leave the motorcycle on parking. Don’t leave your helmet and other things at Motorcycle Park. Out of the urban area you can park somewhere but don’t disturb anyone and we care about the safety concern. 

Make sure you have a valid two-wheeler driving license

You should have a valid two-wheeler driving license to motorcycle rental in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal is a mountainous country, Himalayan land is not the easy territory. With lots of turns and twist narrow mountainous roads and Steep uphill and downhill with thin air mark it tough. The rider may have good riding ability riding in the dirt, gravel, passage stream, etc. Thus truly it essentials to be experienced in terms of the motorcycle ride. 

It is better the motorcycle registration in the Name of motorcycle tours Company. 

Avoid booking your motorcycle over the telephone or the Internet and always desire to find the right motorcycle once you reach Kathmandu. You must try a few companies of motorcycle rental in Kathmandu and see what everybody has to offer. It recommends book motorcycle with Motorcycle Tours Company who have more no .of motorcycle where you can choose best one.

Wasting time searching for the right motorcycle rental in Kathmandu is much better than wasting time with a mechanical problem in the middle of Highway with no help around.

Verify Motorcycle documents

Make assured that the Registration book (blue-book) & insurance paper they are up to date and are completely valid. All documents carry with you while riding a motorcycle, it is necessary for some dismal situation on your trip. 

Do not rental an old motorcycle

Certain Motorcycle rental agencies provide an old motorcycle, and you should know how to avoid choosing such motorcycles, to reduce the probabilities of being stuck in the middle of a high way or on your ride in the remote region. Beware of such an old motorcycle. So, quite important that you have some mechanical understanding of the simple parts of the motorcycle so that you can notice any problem. And see in the registration book to make sure the manufacturing year of the motorcycle. 

Luggage support carrier with saddle bag  

Many of the motorcycle tour company in Kathmandu to provide Royale Enfield’s luggage carrier with the saddle in additional nominal cost around USD 1.00-2.00 per day.

Test ride before conform 

When you motorcycle rental in Kathmandu riding out of the city for a long day, test ride more than an hour and fixes the problem of motorcycle and adjust as your interest and comfort. A test ride will minimize the chances of being stranded in the middle of your motorcycle tours. 

Carry certain spare parts & basic toolkit

Do not forget to carry certain spare parts even if you are going on your private motorcycle, forget about rented motorcycles. Always make sure that the motorcycle tours company in Kathmandu provides you with the basic toolkit, at least spare tube, chain links, spark plugs, fuse, gear liver, Break livers, Clutch cable, accelerator cable, and other common spare parts whatever you can carry.

Manage a backup mechanic if possible

It also advises managing a backup mechanic if possible. Whereas you are planning to ride remote Himalayan regions of Nepal it better to manage a backup mechanic, Experience mechanic support to maintain, and help you as a leader.  

Manage a backup vehicle if possible

You need to carry the basic spare parts, tool kit and you’re luggage so it is better to hire a back-up pick-up. It assists you in light and comfort to ride in a motorcycle.

Beware of mileage and carry enough fuel

Most of these rented motorcycles offer a poor mileage, hence it is always better to carry sufficient fuel after evaluating the fuel efficiency of the rented motorcycle on the test ride. Never count on what a motorcycle rental company says to you.

There are many fuel stations along the highway where you can top-up your motorcycle. But in the remote Himalayan zone, there is no authorized fuel station. It will cost you around USD 1.00 per liter. The rate of petrol may go up and down depending upon the world market. 

Check and mark any scratches or dents

Make sure you check the Motorcycle from all corners and point out any scratches, cracks on the rental motorcycle. If possible take photos of the motorcycle, you can avoid issues scratches and cracks when returning the motorcycle at the end of your trip. Otherwise, some motorcycle rental shops in Kathmandu may try to squeeze money from safety deposits at the end of the trip.

Mechanical Tips motorcycle rental in Kathmandu

Given below are some of the technical or mechanical tips to rent a motorcycle. These tips will help you get more assurance when renting a motorcycle from Motorcycle Tours Company or rental shop.

1. Check/change engine oil

Make sure you check and change the engine oil of your rental motorcycle in front of yourself, or you do it by hand before going the long trip in the remote Himalayas region. You should go for low-temperature engine oils. Sometimes motorcycle will have below the minimum level engine oil, top-up it accurately.

2. Properly check the spark plugs 

You accurately check the spark plugs in case of any mark of burns. Motorcycles will face spark plug issues due to high elevation and rarified oxygen. It is suggested replace one at the start and if you are going long ride, carry a couple of spark plugs to have a trouble-free motorcycle tour on high altitude hilly and mountain road in Nepal.

3. Check for worn-out tires

Check the tires and make sure they are not torn out. Good tread on the tires will support you save puncture problem on your motorcycle trip.

4. Quietly check engine oil leakages

Check the motorcycle you are hiring for any marks of oil leakages around fenders, generally the case of broken oil seals in the front forks.

5. Check Air Filter

Request the Motorcycle tours company to properly check the air filter. In case of any dust or burns. It is better to request them for a replacement to have a trouble-free motorcycle ride on high altitude hilly and mountain road in Nepal.

6. Change the motorcycle based on your test ride

After the test ride, replaced the motorcycle if you notice any of the following issues:

1. Roll in 2nd gear and notice any incidence of false neutrals to detect troublesome gear tooth.

2. Any different from normal sound from the engine means trouble

3. White smoke from the motorcycle

4. Check battery by blowing the horn and self-starting the motorcycle, Headlight, and side indicator. 

5. A noisy bike ride around chain set and sprockets means trouble as well.

6. Ride on a steep climb and notice arising efficiently or not. It helps to recognize clutch plate issues if the bike is not riding smoothly on the rise. 

Discuss and be careful of terms & conditions of Motorcycle rental

You have in writing what you need to do in case you crack a motorcycle or damages certain parts of it. Generally, they will transport the motorcycle to the nearby garage.The charge incurred for the repairs done needs to be paid by the one who rented the motorcycle. Also, check out the other specifics (terms and conditions). Who will endure the cost of carrying or what happens in case the motorcycle goes non-repairable condition.

Benefits of Getting Insurance Motorcycle rental with Kingfisher Adventure.

Receiving insurance is a worthy idea in general. Insurance can prove to be of excessive support to you when it comes to handling the expenditures incurring in a certain occurrence. Motorcycle tours are enjoyable trips, but, at times, things may not work as planned. Coincidences could happen, causing big amounts of damage to your belongings, and particularly your bike. At times, even the bikers land up getting upset, in a way that they’re required to take strong treatment.

A. Motorcycle Insurance at Kingfisher Adventure

Before going on a motorcycle rental with Kingfisher Adventure, we make sure that all of the riders sign an insurance contract. In case an accident happens, and any damage to the motorcycle. 75% percent of the repair charge will recover by our insurance. And the riders will be subject to pay 25% of the charge of damage and loss of motorcycle. However, if the charge of damage repair is below or equals to $250. The riders would have to pay the full amount. 

B. Third-Party Insurance at Kingfisher Adventure 

In the case of third party insurance on the rented motorcycle from Kingfisher Adventure. While you are riding on the road in case you hit somebody (third-person), our insurance covers the charge of any health treatment. This includes ambulance charges, hospital payments, medicines associated expenses, and so on. The insurance company covers 75% of the cost, whereas the rest of the 25% is meant to be paid by the riders. Keep in mind that the insurance amount is limited to USD 5000.00

Next are loss and damage belongings of the third person owned. Our insurance policy covers 75% of charge loss and damage property of somebody (third-person) owned and 25% by riders. Cost Limit USD 13000.00Only. 

Enjoy the motorcycle tour instead of irresponsible riding

It is always helpful to ride carefully and with caution. Riding on high speed will waste your expensive fuel in the rental bike. May lead you in some out of control condition due to unexpected bump road, and puts unnecessary pressure on an already worn-off engine.

Best motorcycle Itinerary

Text and Photos by Arzoon Everest

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