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Why Motorcycle Tours With Kingfisher Adventure.

Why Motorcycle Tours With Kingfisher Adventure.

Kingfisher Adventure & Treks is a friendly, independent, and professional motorcycle tours company register under the Government of Nepal. Motorcycle for fun and adventure is the mission slogan of Kingfisher Adventure hence our key object is organizing guided and self-guided motorcycle tours in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India as well as motorcycle rental and hire. Millions of riders are seeking the best motorcycle tours company for their holidays. If you are planning motorcycle tours in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India select Kingfisher Adventure as your motorcycle tours organizer because of our following strong vision.  

We have our Motorcycle.

We have our motorcycle for tours purpose register in the name of Kingfisher Adventure and treks Pvt. Ltd. Our all motorcycle is in parking in the garage inside our office compound any riders or international agency can visit our office. We never collect the motorcycle from an individual after booking motorcycle tours.

Friendly and well trained Road Captains/Tour Guides.

We have permanent road captains/ tour guides, they are professional motorcycle riders with lots of experience in off-road and turn and twisty hilly road riding as well as trained in first aid treatment. They have extensive knowledge and skill to manage motorbike tours in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India. So they Offer a very pleasant, extremely exciting atmosphere, so that you have excessive time on our motorcycle tours. Every rider is treated equally and with the respect and dignity they deserve, they have an excellent way of making friendship with riders.

Qualified and professional Mechanic.

We have our permanent full qualified motorcycle mechanics with more than five years’ experience on the motorcycle tours. They are perfect to immediately repair and fixed the problem of your motorcycle on the tours. Our friendly mechanic politely asks every rider needs any repair on their motorcycle in every stop and pit stop. As well as at the end of everyday ride discuss problems with every rider and fixed the problem before starting the next day ride. Early morning they wipe and start your motorcycle before you start the ride.

Insurance of Motorcycle.

Kingfisher Adventure makes sure to all riders, our all touring motorcycle is insured so it helps to rides unfortunate and unseen circumstances in the motorcycle tours. Our insurance policy covers the loss and damage of Motorcycle 85% of the total cost and 15% by riders. But loss and damage less than USD 200.00 directly collect from the rider. Insurance Before Going on Motorcycle Tours

Third party Insurance.

There are two types of third-party liability coverage. First, physical injury liability covers costs resulting from injuries to a person. These injuries’ costs could include costs like hospital care, ambulance, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to the accident. Our insurance policy covers 85% of the cost and 15% by riders. Cost Limit Nrs. 500000.00 only.  Second, property damage liability covers costs causing damages to or loss of property. Our insurance policy covers 90% of the cost and 10% by riders. Cost Limit Nrs. 1500000.00 only.  

Special guide for non-English speaking riders.

Language is important while you traveling another country so we manage different language guides for non-English speaking rides. We manage Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese language guide at extra cost.

Verities of Itineraries.

We have wide verities of motorcycle tours itinerary as per the interest and riding skill of riders. We have different itineraries of off-road riders, hilly road with lots of turns and twists, short ride, long ride, beginner riders, experience adventure riders, and many more.  See the More

Back up pickup

Our motorcycle tours are fully supported by 4X4 jeep to carry luggage and spare parts, tools, and machine. Any riders, pillion riders can sit in jeep. Extra luxurious Toyota Land cruiser for their family and kids at additional cost.  

We enrich your motorcycle tours Experience

When motorcycle tours with Kingfisher Adventure, you enjoy access to special events, fairs, and festivals as we keep a tab on them at the place where you are riding. In Nepal, for example, you may get enthralled with various Hindu and Buddhist festivals happening in a particular month. Dashain is the biggest festival in Nepal.

Fair Prices and Get more for your money

Motorcycle tours only show expensive when not utilized properly. Once you contract with Kingfisher Adventure you will cut out all middlemen. Therefore, our tour prices are reasonable and competitive. Further, we assurance our price offering you great value for your money. We never promise to be the cheapest but we can try to be the best and value to every cent to you.

Enjoy highest standards of hospitality at the proper location 

In our experience the location of the Hotel is one of the important factors while traveling, a well-appointed hotel at the tourist hub contributes significantly to the pleasure of your holidays. Many companies book hotels in less than required locations to save on prices, but this adds quite of inconvenience and loss of valuable time getting to and from the places you want to see. See more Accommodation & Food

Safety & Health 

Safety is one of the most important factors while you are on ride. Our more than 14 years’ experience in motorcycle tours, we provide proper instruction concern to the riding safety. It is fruitful to riders complete their motorbike tours in a pleasant environment without any trouble and desperate situation. Our team quickly responded to the health of riders. Kingfisher Adventure always seriously manages rescue from anywhere in the country.    

Professional Photographer

On request of riders, we arrange a professional photographer and videographer at additional cost.

Service 24 and 7 days

Our customer service is wonderful. We’re passionate about motorcycle tours and we love helping you put together a journey you’ll remember for a lifetime. Our dedicated team is standing by to support you throughout the whole ride with Kingfisher Adventure. Once you’re on your motorcycle tours, we have a committed team who know what to prepare to support you (even in the mid-night). When you book your tour with Kingfisher Adventure, you have a group of crew surveillance for you no matter where you ride.

Why Motorcycle Tours With Kingfisher Adventure?

  • Enrich your Riding Experience.
  • We have our own Motorcycle.
  • Well trained Road Captains/Tour Guides.
  • Qualified and professional Mechanic.
  • Insurance of Motorcycle.
  • Third party Insurance.
  • Health and safety.
  • Enjoy highest standards of hospitality.
  • Guide for non-English speaking riders.
  • Get more for your money.
  • Verities of Itineraries.
  • Back up 4 X 4 pickup/ jeep.

Get a Question?

Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are an expert team and we are happy to talk to you.