Motorcycle insurance for motorccycle tours | Third party insurance

Insurance before Going on Motorcycle Tours

Kingfisher Adventure is the best and professional motorcycle tours company, We inform about Insurance before Going on Motorcycle Tours.

Getting insurance is a good idea in general, and when it comes to getting it before going on a motorcycle tour, well, nothing can be better. Insurance can prove to be of great help to you when it comes to handling the expenses incurring in a certain incident. Motorcycle tours are pleasant journeys, however, at times, things may not work as planned, and accidents could occur, causing great amounts of damage to your belongings, and especially your bike. At times, even the bikers land up getting hurt, in a way that they’re required to take intense treatment.

It is during times as such when insurance can play a vital role. Recuperating from an accident financially can be a great burden, and with the help of insurance, you could free yourself of a heavy load. Before going on motorcycle tours, you need to get different kinds of insurance to ensure that you are safe and well prepared from all angles. You have the option to get them either on your own or with the help of your travel and tour operator offering you the motorcycle tour package. The second one is surely a more convenient option, without a doubt.

Motorcycle Insurance

The motorcycles offered at Kingfisher Adventure are kept at top condition. They are frequently servicing inside the garage by our mechanic, which ensures that they work properly at the time of motorcycle tours. Now, during the tour as well, the raiding party is accompanied by an expert and friendly mechanic, so that the motorcycles are at constant observation, and in their best form. In short, we take all the precautions to ensure that the riders have a great time during the tour, and far away from any unfortunate and unseen circumstance or accidents.

Before going on a motorcycle tours with Kingfisher Adventure, we make sure that all of the riders sign an insurance agreement. In case an accident occurs, and the motorcycle happens to receive any damage, 85% percent of the repair cost will recover by our insurance, and the riders will be subject to pay only 15% of the cost of loss and damage of motorcycle. However, if the cost of loss and damage repair is less than or equals to $200, the riders would have to pay the entire amount.

Third Party Insurance

When you riding on the highway there are lots of others are cycling, riding a motorcycle, driving the vehicle, and walking.  Thus only motorcycle insurance is not enough to ride without risk along the highway. Hence third party insurance is one of the most essential components doing motorcycle tours.

Before starting on a motorcycle tour, Kingfisher Adventure make sure that all of the riders sign an insurance agreement. While you are riding on the highway in case you hit third person, our insurance police cover the cost of any of medical treatment. This includes ambulance cost, hospital fees, medicines related expenses, health workers’ fees, and so on. Insurance company covers 85% of the cost, whereas the rest of the 15% is meant to be paid by the riders. Keep in mind that the insurance amount is limited to USD 5000.00.

The second is loss and damage property of third person owned. Our insurance police cover 90% of cost loss and damage property of third person owned and 10% by riders. Cost Limit Nrs.USD 13000.00Only. 

Now, it is crucial that you revolve your head around all these details before signing up for the motorcycle tours. All the related parties need to be in an agreement for a great time on the trip. Without a doubt, you need to get insurance before you go for a motorcycle tour for the reasons mentioned above and more. Choose Kingfisher Adventure as your motorcycle tours operator for a great experience. We organize guided and self-guided motorcycle tours in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan.